Hannah Weiss

Hannah Weiss

Heinrich-Hertz-Gymnasium, Berlin. FH Aachen (Germany)

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EAP 2021 Hannah Weiss

The project "Heinrich-Hertz-Gymnasium" is the design of a school. The already existing high school is to move into a new building. The new site is located in Berlin Friedrichshain at the Berlin Ostbahnhof. Due to the shortage of space, the main task was to find new ways to accommodate the open spaces in the planning.

After the site visit and the analysis, the idea to not create another barrier in the cityscape was consolidated. The goal was to create a meeting place for students, teachers, residents and other visitors that would be animated beyond the school day.

The cityscape is characterized by high-rise buildings from the 70s. It is defined by solitaires that do not communicate. Due to their enormous heights and introverted uses down to the first floor, they form impenetrable hurdles. To the north and south, almost unused open spaces border the building site and offer potential. The design is based on this. A communicative zone is created on the first floor that flows through the building as a park.

The structure of the new building is divided into 5 cubes, one of them is accessed via the first floor. This is separated in its use from the rest of the building and offers an interior part of the public park which can be used multifunctionally, for example as a market place.
The 4 other cubes contain the school part and are placed on 9.5-14m high tree supports which underline the park and support the tree house character.

Thus, the entrance area of the school is located on the 3rd floor. The users of the school are distributed there through the “plaza” in the school.
Above the plaza is the school part of the building, which is completed with the roof terraces used as a schoolyard.



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