Felix Andreas Kaiser

Felix Andreas Kaiser

Gut Hohenfinow. RWTH Aachen (Germany)

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EAP 2021 Felix Andreas Kaiser

„Hohenfinow on the edge of the Barnim - a small village with a great history, which, however, is not apparent at first glance.„ - August Trinius 1884

These words were written by a visitor of the village Hohenfinow in 1884. The astonishing thing is that this statement seems to be just as accurate in 2020 as it was back then.
Hohenfinow is a rural place one hour northeast of Berlin. It is located near the geological formation Niederoderbruch, a scenic area of meadows, forests and fields. In the north of the village there is a large estate which is the subject of the present work.

The urban structure was shaped during the Baroque period. With Hohenfinow Castle as a reference point, the village green was redesigned, an avenue to the Liebenstein vineyard was planted and a baroque garden was laid out. After the Second World War, the local structure deteriorated and was renovated in several steps after the reunion of Germany. The gap that arose from the demolition of the castle in 1961 has not been adequately reoccupied since then.

The aim of this work was to record the current building stock and to develop a future vision for the Hohenfinow estate on this basis. For this purpose, the existing buildings with their history, use and structural conditions were captured in textual descriptions, drawing documentations, newly discovered records, construction plans and aerial photographs. Through this research and analysis work, the potentials and difficulties of the existing buildings could be characterized.

The building stock of the estate is concentrated on its former core by the abandonment of some buildings. The new composition is complemented by moderate extensions, renovations and new buildings, as well as the design of the open spaces. The Hohenfinow estate is recognizable as an ensemble again by the following designs:

  1. Hohenfinow Castle
  2. Estate café
  3. Extension
  4. Renovation of the cowshed
  5. Renovation of the granary
  6. Renovation of the pigsty
  7. Liebenstein observation point


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