Laurens van de Vel

Laurens van de Vel

Live Work Home for Arts and Crafts. UHasselt (Belgium)

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Laurens van de Vel

The project consists of a residential building located at the ENCI quarry in Maastricht. The ENCI quarry is a limestone quarry on the Meuse side of the Sint-Pietersberg (part of the Plateau van Caestert) in the Dutch municipality of Maastricht. Limestone was mined here from 1926 to 2020, leaving an extensive network of tunnels and a large-scale mining pit today. A mirco city is embedded on the edge of this mining pit.

Each housing unit consists of an L-shaped, concrete volume of 52m² each. A wooden “living closet” is installed in the recess of each house. This closet contains the sleeping area, bathroom, storage and technical room and a kitchenette.
By neatly storing all living functions in the closet, the rest of the house remains completely free. This results in a space where the occupant completely decides the layout.
Each home has at least one window that can be lowered to appropriate height to create an indoor terrace.

The housing units are divided into clusters of four houses. These four units each open up to a communal area which contains a kitchen and other shareable functions. The garden is linked to this space. In addition to living, the building contains an additional program that supports the atelier function. This in terms of supporting the production process, offering relaxation opportunities and showing produced work. The building is constructed as a three-dimensional matrix of houses, collective functions, public functions and gardens. The layout of the matrix consists of a clear structure that directs the space. The collective and public functions are placed as spread over the building as possible in order to ensure maximum circulation in the building during use. As a result, each level of the building encompasses a collective or public function.

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