Kristina Foidl

Kristina Foidl

Mehr als Schule. FH Aachen (Germany)

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Kristina Foidl

Ernst-Reuter-School, a secondary school located in southern Brunnenviertel in Berlin, is known for its great need for structural changes. This situation has been caused by its unique location, which will be examined more precisely in the analytical part. Against this background, the multi-layered concept of the draft “Mehr als Schule” was developed, which examines the question of how Ernst-Reuter-Schule can be restructured in order to establish a synergetic educational landscape.

The insular area of Brunnenviertel is characterized by its historical, structural and socio-economic situation. The planning area is located at the boundary of two districts, which had formerly been separated by the Berlin Wall. Mental boundaries exist due to striking socio-economic disparities, leaving Ernst-Reuter-Schule with a homogenous group of students.

Since education plays a significant role in our daily lives, it offers the possibility of connecting us to others and can be used for minimizing cultural barriers. District boundaries should therefore be overcome by creating an educational ribbon. The existing formal and informal education areas will be linked together, merging Ernst-Reuter-Schule with its surroundings.

In the heart of the educational ribbon lies the shared school campus of both Ernst-Reuter-Schule and Gustav-Falke-Grundschule. The conceptual design of the array of buildings represents a central area, which invites students and residents of the surrounding districts to participate in an exchange and enhance lifelong learning. The welcoming gesture is amplified by the podium zones, allowing a fusion of the exterior and interior. The central area is highlighted through the incorporation of a new urban layer, designed to attract the public. By establishing transit zones, internal school concerns can be separated from public accessibility of the grounds.

The final result is a flagship project that extends beyond the boundaries of the district and aims to unite Berliners of various origins and socio-economic backgrounds.

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