Hugo Beneytout & Simon Berlan Velasco

Hugo Beneytout & Simon Berlan Velasco

Les Pépinières du Moulin. ULiège (Belgium)

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The city of Charleroi was marked by the industrial period, the mayor of Charleroi request the Bouwmester to improve the current situation. The masterplan focused on a dynamic revitalization of the center, through the development of economic, ecological, social and cultural sectors. By recreating generous public spaces capable of hosting events, the purpose is to improve social harmony.

Archetype of the parking of the golden sixties, the post-beam structure accommodates 500 car-park on 8 floors, each with a height of 2.40m under the ceiling and a working load of 250kg/m² for a total surface area of 16,000m². Its central position in front of a new urban place and in the heart of the new facilities of the pedestrian center make it a strategic goal. There conversion of the parking into a new urban place, workshop hub and greenspace called “Pépinières du Moulin” contributes to the dynamic revitalization initiated by the city. The evolution of professions, the transformation of modes of design, experimentation and cooperation require the creation of a new space for the expansion of creative activities. All the actors of the creative economy meet in the heart of the city. “Les Pépinières du Moulin” brings them together under the same roof in this industrial vestige of the1960s. The opening of the building on the first levels invites the urban space is at the heart of the project. The roof, lowered by one level and crowned by a greenhouse unifying the roof and manage the relationship between interior and exterior. The heart of the project is the workshops-hubs who take advantage of the present structure in order to offer a variety of work volumes allowing both a density of spaces and a certain permeability. Les Pépinières wants to be a place of freedom to breathe, invent, meet, share, grow. A place linked to its environment, its residents and its visitors. A hybrid place where we work, where we produce, where we discover and where we meet.

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