Hannah Torkler

Hannah Torkler

Between water and land. FH Aachen (Germany)

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Hannah Torkler

In cooperation with the port company By&Havn, the City of Copenhagen has drawn up a new development strategy with the aim to transform the former industrial port into a cultural and leisure port. The aim is to create a balance between city life, recreation and commercial activities and to create a lively and sustainable Harbour. The task is to react to this development by formulating a building ensemble that responds to the needs of the residents. A former dock on the island Refshaleøen, which was once ground for the shipyard company Burmeister & Wain, is the chosen location and has to be integrated into a new context as an industrial heritage.

The proposal provides to convert the former dock into an outdoor space with recreational quality and to add floating structures with mixed uses in the basin. The five floating volumes differentiate in their use, appearance and orientation. Each structure interacts individually with the water and is connected to the dock by floating wooden bridges.

A kayak school represents a sports and social space and links together with the “blue kayak route”, which runs through the canals of Christiansholmen. At the tip of the dock, a Harbour-Hub provides a physical spot for all port matters. Parts of the basin will be used as a public open-air swimming pool, which is the active center, especially in the summer months. This will be accentuated by a tower, which can be recognized as a landmark from afar. On the top platform, it offers a 360° view and is also the diving tower for the open-air pool. The outdoor pool is complemented by an indoor swimming pool, which can be used all year round. A restaurant recruits the ensemble and will be serving typical Danish food.

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