Restoring the Flow. Guest university - TU/e (The Netherlands)

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David Villegas Rodriguez

Dordrecht is a city born from water, in the beginning, the connection with the water flows was direct, water was seen as an asset. Citizens were aware of the benefits and burdens of coexisting with water. Today, however, the loss of connection with the water creates a sense of blind trust, most of the citizens are not aware of the flood risk situation that Dordrecht faces, the natural flow of water is broken. Located in a delta, with rising sea levels and heavier rains every year pouring down from the alps. Dordrecht could see a scenario like the Watersnoodramp soon. Furthermore, the dikes not only kept water out, but they also broke the dynamics of the city. Dordrecht became a broken city, every individual neighborhood isolated from the rest, confined to its polder. How to take advantage of the residual space created by the dikescape in Dordrecht? The flowscape is proposed as an urban infrastructure to encourage active leisure amongst the inhabitants of Dordrecht, while at the same time reshaping their perception of water.

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