A Theatre Frankfurt East Port. RWTH Aachen (Germany)

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Daniel Wilken

The task of the presented master thesis is to design a theater in the east port of Frankfurt. A theater for the people of Frankfurt and for the former workers‘ quarter Ostend. The goal is to create a place that is accessible to everyone, where the hustle and bustle of a city prevails, a place that invites you to linger, - and which, in addition to the theater business, is basically a place of encounter and exchange. For the theater, a space/a stage must be created that enables the creators to research and search.

The design sees the theater as a production site. The design therefore also uses elements such as a „production line“, a corridor that can be accessed from all rooms. However, the street not only transports scenery, but also the people who work in the theater. From the theater side, it is necessary that the logical „production line“ of the theater ends in the public foyer in order to transport anything produced out of the closed area. It is also important for this „theater machine“ how the workshops and backstage / main stage can best work together. Across the street, grandstands, backdrops and actors can access the large flexible studio stage in the foyer. In addition to the classic peephole stage, a wide variety of situations can be imagined here. Bridges, installations of the studio stage, trains hanging down and spotlights etc. should give the feeling of being in the stage tower. A balcony on one of the footbridges allows a view of the rather secret theater street. Outside there is also a kind of amphitheater, which can be used for events by street artists as well as by the theater. In the background there is not the wide landscape of the Greek theater, but the industrial landscape.

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