Anne Vandecraen

Anne Vandecraen

Bovenkamer. UHasselt (Belgium)

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Anne Vandecraen

In our discipline we’re always designing and inventing space, but what about space which only exist in our mind? A dream is something that confronts us all, but one we rarely talk about. It’s something personal, intimate and different for everyone.

Dreams have always been something mysterious to me. Not only due to the question where they exactly come from, but also because they approach space in a different way. Space that occurs in our dreams are like an endless universe in which everything is possible and allowed, yet they are limited by form and emptiness. The correlation between dreams and space gave me the opportunity to translate this topic into a scenography.

The installation Bovenkamer will be part of Horst Arts and Music Festival in Vilvoorde, a three-day festival where art, architecture and music are united on the former ASIAT-site which occurs as a no man’s land where dreams have the chance to exist. Bovenkamer is an installation that questions reality by creating an alternative world based on dreams. The design consists of a sequence of spaces which reflect different aspects of my research. Concepts such as dream-landscape, emptiness, darkness, imagery of the state of half-sleep and awakening coalesce into a mysterious and dreamlike scenography. Throughout the visit, the visitor becomes an important actor of his own spectacle. In my point of view, the visitors will become small creatures walking through a dreamy landscape and observing themselves along the way. Therefore, it’s important that the spectators visit the scenography in small numbers. The highlight of the visit is the 18 meters wide quarter of a sphere, which is accompanied by visuals and sounds. Virtually, you’ll be taken underwater, to outer space, across a rocky stretch of desert and many other mysterious places. The passage through this installation will end within some groundbreaking minutes.

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