Thomas Goossens

Thomas Goossens

Thought in concrete. UHasselt (Belgium)

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The abandoned telecommunication building of the Ministry of Defence located on the Kesterheide needs a new function. In this adaptive reuse, the already existing value of the building was really important. It has a mysterious atmosphere and this needs to be preserved in the new concept.

Renato Nicolodi, an artist who works with concrete sculptures and acrylic paintings, was enthusiastic about the project with a historical background since he has always been inspired by the war stories of his grandfather. After talking to the artist himself, there were some requirements. Bringing workspace, exhibition space and accommodation together had to be given priority.

The workspace is divided into four sections: a storage room, wood and steel workspace, an assembly room and a separate painting room. The exhibition space is located outside and divided in two categories, architectural sculptures and small sculptures. The small sculptures are situated in the heart of the round building, the architectural sculptures are spread around the outside of the building. The accommodation is connected with the workspaces, so that living and working flow into each other. It was necessary to expand the building, that is why there is a beam - shaped volume on top of the round former telecommunication building. This is mainly to have a stunning view on the landscape.







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