Arnoud Charoy

Arnoud Charoy

Workbench ; The adaptive workplace. FHAachen (Germany)

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This project define new offers to a well suited but abandoned place near the „chic“ streets from Maastricht
(NL) inner city. A historic site between the Maas and the haven „het Bassin“ symbolise the confrontation of
different fonctions. The aim of the project is to design a Work-Lab on this turning point.
Workbench define a space-princip, where the free „worktable“ in the middle of the room creates multiple
scenarios of conections, space and fonctions but only if there is an action: the individual. The superior
urban aim was to merge identity, history and creativ innovation in one place.
This for the form, interior and the facade was designed in memory to the industrial heritage of the place with
some modern interpre-tation. The roof got an expressiv form with a big patio and detache itself from the rest
of the building to response to an unique and new function.
The inner design devide itself in two parts. on the west, to the „bassin“ are placed big open coworking
zones. The east side of the building is an interpretation of the impressiv historic cranes integrated in a
vertical rack-structure with individual or group-boxes. This unique impuls of the boxes throug individuals are
creating new spaces inbetween wich promote exchange, communication and creativity.
Tools as an intersection between the city and individuals.









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