Caroline Grignard

Caroline Grignard

Grand manège. ULiège (Belgium)

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In between two wandering times, he finds himself facing the theatre, solemn, on the threshold of the historical city. Walking along the side, livens up a peculiar house with eastern character ; a former ridding arena changed for housing whose barns still remain sleepy somewhere underneath. As testimony, he remembers Mr René (from the 3rd floor) venturing in few meters below our footsteps to park his Beetle. Even was he looking for the secret passage to the theatre?
She appeals to curiosity. The blind alley that dives in the block reveals an ambiguous state of private proprety. There enters a man, and here a group of womens. His quest follows few flights of stairs bellow. A low jabber comes from a narrow courtyard where two youth are chating around a cup of tea. Overheads, people set off for prayer.

The Imam turns back to the wall, the Qibla. Behind him, light climbs along the bricks as urban life stirs on the other side. Sometimes, the wall opens a talk, and the worlds come closer.

Photographs credit : Maud Faivre







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