Luca Claußen & Isabelle Winsberg

Luca Claußen & Isabelle Winsberg

Wohnen Volksbedarf st. Luxusbedarf. RWTH Aachen (Germany)

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The Cuvryfallow in Berlin Kreuzberg, well-known for the famous graffitis of the artist Blu, went through a process of different uses. Our intention is to create social housing to counteract the displacement of the local residents and the social segregation. We wanted to reach maximum living space as well with a permissible density of 39.000 square meters.

The traditional Berliner block provided a basis to achieve this. So we analyzed the urban town structure and transformed it. As a result the public space continues through a sequence of different courtyards. Also the building complex is divided into four parts, the block-edge, the side houses, the middle building section and the towers. Each has its own living typology.

The block-edge contains the most classic apartments that comply with the Berliner Housing Act. They include 1 to 5 rooms and can be entered via an access balcony. In the side houses there are Micro-Apartments, minimal equipped, but with a French window. The middle building includes Cluster-Apartments that allow a new way to share flats for each generation. The towers can be reached via a bridge. The apartments are conceptualized as an open floor plan, open on two sides. There are 406 apartments for at least 895 inhabitants.
Together the single parts of the building form a unit through a development network, which is connected to all staircases and levels. This network is being expanded by common areas. On each floor in the middle building there are meeting levels with service areas. Even the roof and the top floors of the towers benefit the community.
The strict street facade is structured by recessed staircases and refers to the surrounding buildings. This contrasts with the open, used and overgrown facade inside.









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