Martin Nolten

Martin Nolten

Skyloop - Urban Dance Academy. FH Aachen (Germany)

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The task Urban Dance is the biggest trend in the field of modern dance. While walking through the neighborhood finally you hear sounds which appear as the background of a dance crew. A dance crew with danceelements which wouldn’t fit in the conventional way of dancing, however, are the sequences a symbiosis. Urban Dance is composed of diverse dance styles. The largest interaction show here soft and long movements from the ballet and hard, short movements from the breakdance. This composition is known from many films, music videos or even in musicals and theater performances as for example in the remake of West Side Story. For this reason there shall open a new dance academy in Cologne under the topic “street dance”. The future home of dancers of all genres will be at the Subbelrather Straße in Ehrenfeld, a district of Cologne. In 7 dance studio dancers will get the feeling of the street.

The concept uses the movement of dancers as a tool. There are 20-30 seconds sequences taken from different dance styles, in which representative basic steps of each dance styles have been shown. A ballerina performes besides the classic Plié the basic step Arabesque. In Breakdance the Turtle Freeze or the Six-Step have been shown. In the sequences dancers wear torches at different parts of their body. With stills of these sequences the movement can be converted to loops which were adjusted in height on special jump heights of each genre. This Loops build the way through the building, - The LOOP -. Every room in this building is generated by swiping of this Loop. The Loop should represent the street, which is why there are open Rooms to include the street into the classes.









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