David Tarek Amir

David Tarek Amir

Tour Beaugrenelle . FH Aachen (Germany)

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Mixed Use Skyscraper Paris-Grenelle 

The skyscraper-quarter Grenelle which is located in the 15.th department in the south of the Eiffeltower is part of a new masterplan and should be revalued. The task was subject of an International architectural competition in 2010, but is not realized until today. Part of the tast is it with design of a mixed use high-rise building to crate a contemporary address for the old-fashioned architecture of the 60's.  In its urban diversity use it should contain retail, restaurants, entertainment, co-working offices, hotel and the accent of luxury apartments and also set standard for the improvement of other high-rise lodgments in Paris. The pilot in first row at the Seine river composes the opening for interne infrastructure and defines a new feature on the bridge pont Grenelle which leads to the circular maison de la radio on the right riverside. The central idea of the draft is the partition in three different volumes which are divided after their different functions and are held together by green joints.  The zoning in three different volumes should remember to the tripartition of the Eiffeltower. Inspired by this building especially the green joints are a meeting point and at the samen time a place for a great experience  of space and architecture. The so called panorama windows should allow new visual connections between new and historical buildings in Paris. The tower is experiencing a rejuvenation in its verticality by the graduation in three sized volumes. Also to emphasize another pendant to the Eiffeltower. The crown of the tower is the skybox on the 41st floor, from where yo can enjoy a unique panorama view over Paris. The rooftop garden reminds of a three crown, where you can enjoy the view through their branches(slats). The representative base zone is a place of presence. 










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