Maxime Feller & Florent Szecel

Maxime Feller & Florent Szecel

Education Center - North Perspective. ULiège (Belgium)

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The project is located in the north part of Huy. The location was known to be a wealthy industrial area served by an efficient railway and extensive fluvial traffic.
The master plan proposed here goes along the way of an ongoing requalification of the whole area.

The problems caused by the actual school's area led us to rethink, organize and enhance the hierarchy of the different "sub-spaces". As it is, the actual urban fabric lacks any clear limits between public and private spaces.

A dedicated way for local pedestrians and students has been cut into the block to make the reduced scale of the context work with urban surroundings.
The qualities of this small scale context are enhanced by several elements such as a library, a youth center, a sports center in connexion with the public park.

The existing buildings are used for their typology and incorporated into the project with modularity in mind, for future modifications. Circulation systems are used as link between different parts of the project giving it its homogeneity. Common functions such as the school's foyer are used to valorize the existing buildings. The workshops are given suitable dimensions according to their respective functions and are all oriented toward the outside.
Each lived moments participates to the integrity of the whole project, giving it a clear read while being able to function on its own.









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