Anna Maria Kielbassa

Anna Maria Kielbassa

The End Of The World. RWTH Aachen (Germany)

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The End of the World
or die letzte Bratwurst vor Amerika

In ancient history Cabo de São Vicente in Portugal was the place where the old greeks thought that the land of the earth would end here. It was a holy place where gods lived near the cliffs, close to the edge of the Atlantic Ocean which the Greek saw as a transition to the underworld of Hades.
Today this former mystical place is a tourist attraction, easy to reach by car and very well known to all Algarve tourists. People from all over the world come to this landmark of Europe’s southwesternmost point near the village of Sagres to visit the breathtaking 60m cliffs with the lighthouse and to eat the very famous „Letzte Bratwurst vor Amerika“ („the last grilled sausage before america“).
The work analyses and reflects relationships between human beings and the sea, the condition of travelling today combined with the importance of point of view, orientation and navigation. It tries to create special atmospheres by combining fear and beauty, trying to give back tp cape what it once lost over the last 2000 years.









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