Ann-Sophie Princen

Ann-Sophie Princen

Home…Sweet Home. MMA+ Maastricht (Netherlands)

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Identity in flexibility

The design brings identity and flexibility together under one roof. It shows how identity is possible within a tight structure.

Today's requirements for housing are compact and energy -conscious living.

Tulpinstraat – Hasselt - Belgium

Contemporary structures of families have evolved, they are more complex and diverse. The traditional format of a family; father, mother and two children, is no longer evident these days. People follow different paths, and live in a time of rapid changes. The structure of both a household and its environment is therefore variable.

I want to respond to this shift in demographic evolution, with an architecture that accommodates various living groups, family portraits, compositions, living identities and space needs. The dwellings must be adaptable and flexible in there layout so that the residents are not obligated to look for a new house every time the family structure transforms.
What however not has changed is the emotional, the personal identity that each family searches in their home. This intimate recognizable unconscious and tactile feel of a 'home' has to be made to stay within the variable environment of today.

Instead of trying to model the perfect building for a specific moment of time. The design is a flexible structure that can adapt over time. Previous successful patterns of the past and present buildings with a flexible structure used to develop guiding design principles for the future.

My research deals with shifting our attention from how buildings are visually identified to how we perceive them. It is an attempt to integrate two alleged counterparts, identity and flexibility, into one design. Composing a home that can transform, age gracefully and feels as ‘At home’ ... Identity in flexibility, home … Sweet Home.









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