Saskia Horions

Saskia Horions

Recycle to retail. UHasselt (Belgium)

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My graduation project was to design a retail complex on a self chosen site in Genk. My design is a substitute for the present mall close to Melberg that because of its proportion does not fit the small-scale environment. After the completion of the masterplan for the entire site, I focused on the development of the retail centre. Because a traditional retail centre stimulates a mass consumption and a throwaway society, I combine my retail complex with a recycling company. Owing to the fact the stores are being supplied by the recycling company the assignment becomes socially relevant. The concept of the building is based on three components, namely a recycle, shopping and traffic flow. They each form a closed cycle, are visually related, and their elements reinforce one another. The surface area of the program is large, but because of the integration in the existing hill side, it becomes one with its environment. The location and the form of the design is based on the optimal connection created in the context of the masterplan.









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