Rosalie Gielis

Rosalie Gielis

Transition. UHasselt (Belgium)

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Transition from oil dependency to local resilience

The project 'Transition', an organic oil refinery at the site of Ford Genk, has arisen from the logical simplicity of the industrial revolution in mind. The various steps in the production process are piled up in a modular way. Pumps and tanks are unnecessary, the number of floors limited. As a result of a clear design and knowledge, the complexity of a traditional refinery has been substantially reduced.

The continuous structure between the refinery and the greenhouses forms the passage between industry and nature. The fully closed facade is a reversal of greenhouses, which are also the only other buildings on the plot. The complexity of a traditional refinery has been substantially reduced. The building concept is a logical consequence of the ambient vision.

A strong vision about the context forms the basis of the concept. Algae or other energy crops clean the air and are processed to necessities such as energy and oil. The foundation for local resilience is placed not only in response to air pollution, but also to the closure of Ford Genk and the oil dependence, which lies partly at the root of this crisis.









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