Morgan Delvaux

Morgan Delvaux

Re[mine]scence. ULg Liège (Belgium)

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The project integrates itself into the new Cheratte-Bas masterplan the history of which is inherent to his mining past.
Structuring element of a regional cultural park arisen from this global thought, the collective centre, both by its positioning and by its program, participates to the economical, social and cultural development of the region.

Rooted along the darse, it connects the mining heritage to the park. It strengthens the main square and allows the user to take the measure of the new aspect of Cheratte-Bas.
From the « Garden-city » the pedestrian bridge allows to cross the darse and to reach the different facilities of the park.

Articulating the entrance the concrete tower modestly echoes the Hasard and Belle-fleur existing towers. Anchoring the streched volume in its context it also makes the terrace rooftop accessible offering views on the industrial heritage.

Interacting with the surrounding environment, the centre is a support to the promenade « Darse-Belle-fleur » rehabilitated within the framework of the « Pivert » Program.
Halt for the walker, this will is materialized by the specific soil texture of the park which announces the main entrance and goes on inside the building without interrupting the walk.
Seen as a living meeting place, the outside entry porch creates a space appropriable by the different protagonists. Under the skin, so as a gallery of coal, the temporary exhibition comes to light and goes on towards the outside.

The use of steel to materialize the project results from an underlying will to support a local economy in crisis throughout the architecture. Its link to concrete allows the implementations of characteristic elements of local industry.

In a concern of environmental awareness solar panels integrated into the architecture provide the energy needs for the bulding and contribute to natural soft lightning in the showroom.








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