Michael Dolinski

Michael Dolinski

Prague. Heart and Brain. RWTH Aachen (Germany)

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Through the experience of the rising vlatava river 2013 in Prague, the idea to create a safestorage for objects which are endangered by the water emerged. Not only items displayed in museums should be saved but also possibly everyone´s treasure. All objects which represent Prague´s culture and memorable in certain ways should be collected in one microkosmos. The mountain Pet?ín with its prominent position in the city is choosen as the construction side. Items will not just be saved there but also partly displayed.

On the one hand rational issues form the building (Brain), on the other the cultural exception needs to be honored (Heart).

But what´s worth saving? After an analysis of the cities museums and its districts a system of preselection was found: important curators define by specialized knowledge the value of every item considered in the storage building.

The logistic ways to the storage and in the building itself define the design and layout of the building. Items arrive in the deliveryhall from where they are reorganized and brought to a lift either downstairs to the masstorage (Brain) or upstairs to the exhibitionstock (Heart).
The large underground storage offers each one level to every bigger district in Prague (Praha 1 – 10). Due to the individual focus on objects in each discrict, the groundplan and size of storageboxes differs on each level.
The aboveground situated seven storagetowers display each one category: arts, nature, curiosities, documents, jewlery, furniture and technics. Shapes, sizes and interiors of these buildingparts are influenced by places in Prague where these items are originally displayed. Nevertheless they are all unified by type of consturction and material used on the fassade. No windows distract the visitors view from the exponats, the beautiful cityscape uncloses on the connecting bridges between the storagetowers.









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