Maximilian Knapp

Maximilian Knapp

Refugium Senne. RWTH Aachen (Germany)

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In the middle of Westfalia there is a particular landscape called 'Senne'. For more then 120 year this 250qkm large area has been used by military for training. During this long time there are more then 5000 specifies of animals and plants preserved, 900 of them stand on the Red List.
2020 the forces will leave this territory, so the gouvernment of Nothern Westfalia decided to declare the 'Senne' as a National Park. This seems to be the only way to save this uncommon scenery and make it avaiblable for visitors.

The purpose of the masterthesis was to create a concept to explain people the unusual history and the unique nature of the 'Senne'. There are now a lot of different elements in the area which reminds you of specific periods of the history.

By a wooden stage the visitor will directed from element to element. For example there is a special valley, made by the glacial period, or you cross a historic cobbled stone street. furthermore you will see some rusty tanks in the scenery, at another place there are old ruines where families lived once. They had to leave there homeland when the Nazis enlarged the military training area. When you get to see one of this speical element you get some information aboutand the direction of the way changes.
In the heard of the former village 'Haustenbeck' there is still the ruine of the historic church. Exactly towards to this the memorial and service building is located, which is the target of the 2.8 km long stage. You can deepen the information about the 'Senne' by an exhibition in the house.

The house is determined by the central space with a big fire in the middle, which can seen as a recall to the archaic idea of social meeting around the campfire.












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