Marie Collard

Marie Collard

Childrens school of Xhoffraix. ULg Liège (Belgium)

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The project, situated in the center of several zones, not far from the center of the village, is implanted on a small fragment. The school is higher than large to reduce as much as possible its surface and so liberate the surrounding. The necessary surfaces are divided in two zones. The aim is to animate an abandoned farm by implanting the canteen and the nursery on one hand, and on the other hand to allow the school to be in accordance with the life of the village. So the children live with the rhythm of the day, the seasons, and occupy the public space. The compact volume on the ground becomes a landmark and a pivot element between village and nature. So the programme can be in accordance with the neighbouring farm to create a pedagogical pole.

The architecture is an answer to the needs of a school by creating links between notions like country folk, collectivity and nature. Its elaboration is based on a dialogue between bright structure, fixed routes, views escape. The light, the air and the sun were taken into account because these elements influence the learning process.

Inside, the life in the school is organized on both sides of a vast central common space, dedicated to the meeting, and for the pupils and the teachers, and gives generous sightseeings on the village. The pupils are then involved in a stimulating environment where learning remains the guideline. This allows the increase of the progression of the pupils as well as their autonomy, the respect of environment and personal diversity.

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