Jeroen Bohnen

Jeroen Bohnen

BUILDINGBOARD. UHasselt (Belgium)

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The former “Veemarkt” of Sint-Truiden is in the urban planning design seen as a transitional area that mediates between the city center and the parkland. The design forms the completion of a semi housing block, in a deduplicated link that consists of a staggered concatenation with free intermediate spaces. The combination of stepwise increasing and decreasing building heights shows the corner point and finds a connection to the existing building heights at both sides. The highest building volume, “buildingboard”, can be regarded as an early notice of the city. The open façade shows an arrangement and stacking of different rooms, halls and booths that communicate as an urban collage about the content and also express the structure of the building. By omitting vertical circulation in the high building volume to a large extent, the footprint of the original building volume is reduced in size. This way, the distance from the protruding entrances to the lower living levels is increased. The cascading circulation takes place in a different way on each floor and determines the image of the façade largely by marking the end wall sides. Per floor, the building is to be traversed to the opposing side to find ones way up to the upper level. The visitor passes small-scale assembly places which turn the casino into a cosy group house, thus rejecting the image of a large-scale gambling hall.








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