Giel Theuwis

Giel Theuwis

RE³ to algae. UHasselt (Belgium)

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RE³ translates into three differentiated aspects: reconsidering our food and energy supply, the restructuring of the industrial area of Genk and reconstruc ting the former Ford-factory structures.
Bio-energy and organic food is the future. Algae cultivation could provide an alternative to both supply forms. This project transforms the acreage of Ford Genk into an intensive production landscape in the form of an algae farm. Horizontally, there is a vast algae plot (140 Ha) which overflows into a vertical processing machine that guarantees equally intensive production. This architectura l operation divides the Ford site in a very hard way. The linear strip is constructed from the steel of the former Ford industrial buildings. It’s being revalued, but in a vertical sens e.
The concept of the all solving structure results in a rationa l stretched architecture with a clean design. This should provide a perfect balance between functionality and ease of use. Architecturally, it’s an intelligent system and adaptable to changing needs, thus creating a degree of flexibility. The vertical structure tries to solve everything and contains all of the facilities that the entire project needs to work in an effective manner. From purification, production, processing, transportation and routing to research, office functions and tourist attractions, etc. By creating a building with a lot of mixed functions, I can offer a structure that lives on a lot of different scales during the hole day and convenience to a new and higher level.









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