Eva Fürstenwerth

Eva Fürstenwerth

Forest kindergarten. RWTH Aachen (Germany)

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The image of a childhood playing all day long in the forest without any need for more than mud, sticks, stones, some good fellows and a tinkered hut in mind, i've chosen a forest kindergarten as master project.

The occupation with this original scandinavian form of educational institution, existing only since the end of die 20th century in Germany, caused an examination of the relationship between architecture, nature and human. The kindergarten uses a sensible part of public space - the forest - as main residence. The area of the kindergarten comprises around 100ha - it includes a starting point, different play sites and an accommodation for rainy days and a midday nap. The play sites are projected as remodelling the given situation to emphasize the character of the scene. A drafted construction manual shows how to work with the given materials, the architecture can be build by the children and there parents themselves. The architecture of the play sites try to compensate the erosion of nature by the children. The gently interventions deal with the question where architecture begins.
The accommodation of the kindergarten group is planned as a modifiable construction that may be build by the parents. It consists of wooden panels that can be easily carried by two people. The outer wall can be used from the outside or from the inside, as delimitation or to complement the exterior space. It forces the builder to think about the given site and the spaces he wants to create.

All the joyful experience that i made during this task, in contact with different kindergarten groups, rangers and educators, and my own perceptions, i tried to sum up in an manual as a help for future planners of forest kindergartens.







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