Corinna Deister

Corinna Deister

Velotel – sustainable bicycle hotel. FH Aachen (Germany)

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Directly situated at the Rursee surrounded by beautiful landscape a bicycle–hotel should be built, which should keep down the burden for the environment under the motto: ‘Using available structures instead of creating new ones’

Instead of dark corridors and narrow elevators, nature should lie in front of every apartment; it should be made tactile and should provide a lifelike experience. Therefore, small paths connect the buildings and achieve a hike over the plot.
The topographical very steep plot is divided into three distinctive landscapes: forest, lawn and rock. The aim of the concept is to translate every landscape into architecture and to attach the newly formed pavilions to the master plan of a hotel.
Furthermore, the life above and below the earth should be embodied in the nearly invisible lawn-pavilion. Whereas the lawn above should be used for relaxing and playing, the rock-pavilion is situated in wide shaleterraces in the southern distinctive rocks of the plot. A rough shalefacade of the building enables a fusion with the cliffy environment. In contrast, the forest-pavilion represents a light and vertical landscape. Several small pavilions are arranged around an elevated access balcony which meanders through the deciduous trees. Additionally, the bicycle will become an exhibit because of wall holders, bicycle lifts and glass bicycle-boxes in all pavilions.
A sustained yield concept was created in the course of the project since the demand of food, fuel and construction material will be covered by local companies and regional farmers. Wrapping can be recycled or economized, biological waste can be compost or feed. By allocation of staff from the near villages, it’s possible to benefit from regional knowledge, too. Excellent location potentials will be used to profit from renewable energy, like sunpower and windenergy for producing electricity.









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