Charlotte Ooms

Charlotte Ooms

small talk . big plots. UHasselt (Belgium)

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The Stotert is a typical Flemish ribbon development surrounded by agriculture. During my youth I spent a lot of time with my grandparents in the Stotert. This reinforced my fascination for the living environment and the social encounters of the inhabitants of the Stotert. These people love to live in the Stotert because they like to enjoy the tranquility, the views and the contrast of the living environment compared to where they work. As you further examine the hamlet, you will find that its not in accordance with the modern demands. The distribution of the lots is outdated, all the space available for cultivation is already taken, there are fewer spontaneous encounters ...
That is why I want to stimulate the smaller, more subtle encounters by creating a path structure that efficiently divides the inner agriculture and connects the activities organized in the hamlet. These activities are small-scaled activities based on the combination of living, tranquillity, experience and nostalgia. The new activities will be organized on the large/deep lots that I will re- parcel out. I have worked out two projects. The first is an enlarged petting zoo where people who love animals can come and live to take care of the animals. This could also function as a meeting point for the inhabitants of the Stotert. For the second project I designed a flexible house for the elders and starter homes for young families. With these you can fidget with the borders between the lots and the agriculture to better optimize the use of the land.









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