Anna Killert

Anna Killert

Cultural Campus Spandau. FH Aachen (Germany)

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Urban development context

The “Falkenseer Platz” is the traffic-interface between Berlin and Potsdam. The broad road profile has to be understood as a separation between old and new town of Spandau.


It is important to harness the potential of the planning area to justice to the representative location by a new building.
The barrier of the broad road profile cannot be remedied readily. A narrowing of the road by removing one lane in each direction and a new structural bridgehead with direct orientation to the old town could be a beginning. The scale and the building´s volume of the new culture-campus create a landmark. The presentation of the entrance and the formation of the outer building shell give a new identity to the entrance to the town. The transparency enables many interesting insights into and through the building.
The spatial proximity to the Freiherr von Stein High School offers potential to create conscious passageways and implementing a courtyard character including the existing building of the old cavalry division at the same time. The southern part of the planning area has to represent a clear separation from the police property which is achieved by a structural measure. The level of development is based on surrounding buildings and shows a good authoritativeness to the existing building of the old cavalry division particularly in the inner courtyard.
The provided utilization units offer intergenerational amenity value. In addition to the multipurpose hall and a music school, a library, a youth academy and also a canteen, which gives hope for a steady animation of the campus, are provided. The broad range from sport through to music and humanities offer many opportunities to take advantage of the campus. The campus, as a new brand in Spandau, certainly creates hope for many visitors.










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