Adeline Stals & Quentin Colas

Adeline Stals & Quentin Colas

Paramedical School : An Extension. ULg Liège (Belgium)

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The concerned building has been made by Jospeh Moutschen in 1963 and represents a masterly example of functional architecture. This huge machine accommodates a secondary and a higher school for paramedical training, counting up 4000 students. 

A preliminary study of the building revealed the power of its urban integration and the strength of both its slender-shaped typology and organisation. It also showed spatial, technical and constructive qualities, as much as many weaknesses and dysfunctions.

Fundamental principles of the original architecture, such as progressivism, hygienism, and functionalism are adopted as many bases to reinterpret to rehabilitate the building. Consequently, the project is developed as an answer to a current situation : a considerable lack of space, making the learning environment inappropriate and strongly damaging the school’s spatial and ergonomic qualities. 

The project essentially consists in a new wing, set up alongside the first one, creating a vast atrium bridging the old and the contemporary, and in which a new circulation apparatus takes place. Wether informal, working or meeting spaces, so far non-existent, graft onto this inner collective spine to regenerate a community life for students and teachers ; the extension also contains the classrooms needing specific equipment, releasing the saturated construction where only theoretical classrooms and open offices are implanted. 

The concept meets another impact when a new front facade is designed regarding the potential dialog with the joined plot, giving back to this block’s portion more coherence. Additionally, the position taken leads to increase the school’s energy performance since it insulates the west side. Finally, the project establishes a porosity between inside and outside spaces by developing an esplanade on the southern quay and creating a promenade through the small park belonging to the next-door private hospital, and by sliding the library under the shell-shaped 500-seat auditorium.









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