Addo Frints

Addo Frints

Pension-pavilion. MMA+ Maastricht (Netherlands)

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The location is Heerlen, on the edge of the citycenter where the city highway crosses the Valkenburgerweg. Since the 1920s it was the garden of ir. Dinger, chief building engineer of the Dutch State Mines.
When the mines were closed in the 1960s APG pension fund was moved here to compensate the loss of jobs. With two enormous high-rise office buildings this company grew to be one of the biggest pension funds in the world.

Since then the garden is open to the public during office hours. Less open to the public is the large art collection of APG, accesible only after announcement and safety procedures. Exposing this art collection publicly could reduce the distance between citizens and their pension administrator, a welcome gesture in these days of economic uncertainty. Therefore I introduce a new friendly accesible paviljon to house the art collection together with the required new room for board-meetings, reception of foreign delegations, seminars, and education. A restaurant can bring all the visitors together.

The proposed paviljon is sunk into the hilly grounds and carefully positioned between the hundred year old trees to maintain the quality of the park. The enormous length of the building emphasizes the free movement in the parc. Positioning this length alongside the highway gives protection to noice for eyes and ears, it also slows and intensifies the architectonic experience. The conference room at the north side, next to the entrance, offers a wide view of the historical Valkenburgerweg and at the same time exposes itself. There is a second wide opening at the west side, that looks over the highway offering a broad view of the hills of Limburg.

Fascinated by craft and refined details as in furniture, inquisitive about precision and perfection of new technological possibilities, I have come to develope a new and stronger dovetail.









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