Quentin Sevestre

Quentin Sevestre

Vertical Art Center. ULG Liège (Belgium)

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This Contemporary Art Center project is to be located in inspiring surroundings, the Chaban Delmas Stadium. The goal is to create a structure with enough presence to evoke the present and the future by building on the architectural heritage.

This project will be integrated into the physical environment by establishing a modern vertical structure within the stadium, characterized by its horizontality. The dialogue resulting from these two structures and their opposing characteristics will give a new image to this place. The verticality of this project will embody this new artistic aspect and will be the flagship of a new cultural era.

The constructive dimension of this architecture is paramount. It is a question of achieving a building of great height by bringing out its main components: structure, core and cells. The composition of the building will be based principally upon the dialog between these three founding components.

Structure, core and cells will be intrinsically linked, with each developing at the same time its own language. Structure, however, will take priority over the others due to the nature of its load bearing role. Its slightly organic form will be similar to that of a tree drawing its energy from the ground. The ground, which usually constitutes the level zero of a building will only be one level among others in this project. The Contemporary Art Center will soar up from the underground to the highest level of the tower.

The robustness of the building will be emphasized by a steel structure which will support the exhibition areas. Each of these cells will constitute the physical link between the steel structure and the concrete core of the building. These stand-alone boxes housed in the structure will enable experimentation with the opposition between the full, the constructed and the lightness of the void.


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