Nancy Lohmann

Nancy Lohmann

Theatre, Amsterdam. RWTH Aachen (Germany)

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"... the culture is talk, politics is talk, theory, concepts, art - all talk. Only one thing matters: when a group of people creates a climate that allows to recognize problems in life and to endure, to defy them." Peter Brook

Therefore good theatre is formed by the interaction of actors and audience, not by the building. Moreover it seems that it is not a "special" architecture but rather a flexible, empty space without limiting framework, which can be formed by the actors’ discretion that is required.
The audience should not be tricked by any illusion in the theatre but become part of the performance. They should understand and rethink.
The theatre as a functional composition (auditorium, fly space, main, side, and lower stage) is emerging as a three-dimensional cross, which can be experienced by the visitors.
Contributive functions are creating a ring structure surrounding the staging areas. The foyer extends between staging and contributing areas and it is divided into low and high ranges. Like the exterior facade of the ring, the inner one opens towards the foyer. Sightlines are created. The visitors may look down at the entrance hall.
The theatre is presented as a homogeneous system of various components. The audience feels inside a unique space, and upon leaving the building this will be obvious.
The theatre may be adapted to different performances, allowing it to create appropriate stage arrangements.


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