Wandy Mulia

Wandy Mulia

Growing Hills. FH Aachen (Germany)

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„Growing Hills“ is a creative forum situated by Aachen highway intersection. There work is understood as a process of creative exchange and cultural connection amongst three countries of Euregion Rhein – Maas. Innovative, new and still unexplored native materials are processed and combined with the fabulous international designs to form inspired products. “Smart Materials” is just the beginning; the next come the era of “Smart Products”.
By emphasizing the form finding phase, each visitor of „Growing Hills“ will experience the wide variety of different materials as well as a high-grade workshop space. There are five sections; office and workshop as semi-public area; atrium, exhibition hall and gourmet as the public area. Guided by the noticeable paths, visitors are led from the atrium through the exhibition hall to the main congress hall on the higher level.
The concept is to elevate the underground treasures to where people can experience them in daily life. A dualism of dark and bright, heavy and light, as well as an underground mining scene and normal street life can found here. The forming of the building is like an elevation from the underground.
„Growing Hills“ built with steel concrete frames, when united as a building represents a seemingly un-uniform but homogenous structure. Another fascinating aspect is the clear view one has from each point in the building, due to the use of glass in its constructions.
Light and shadow play a big role in „Growing Hills“, where the sun shines uniquely in each part of the building. “House in house” principle is found in its interiors: mobiles cubes symbolizing different materials could be placed together to create new work spaces. It represents the fusion of diverse materials.
The visitors will be introduced to a creative world of new materials and smart designs as they experience „Growing Hills“.

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