Janina Tassisto

Janina Tassisto

Cogels-Osylei. RWTH Aachen (Germany)

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Auction house in Anvers

The way through cogels-osylei equates a way through a museum. The facades are there to be looked at. The auction house is aligned in this play filling up the gap between the buildings keeping the important character of the space between the streets. By coming closer to the building , it begins to open itself, the facade gives the opportunity to look behind the streets scenery allowing the inspection of the interior.the exceptional state to be the only commercial building in this street, is so underlined through the expression of these subtle public presents.
It also mediates through the material used for construction, reflecting attributes like solidity and elegance, important image factors for the corporation CHRISTIEs .
The crucial factor of this corporate design is the accentuation of clear lines and homogenity.

The auction house is not defined as a closed construction building, it is turned out to be an institution, which likes to reveal the ways of the Objects, making those transparent.
The visitors, who gives their Objects to the experts and employees (brokers), so get the feeling of solidity and „making a good deal-with christies“.
The exposed construction of the facade supports the subtle opening to the streetfront. It gives through his moderate expression a feeling of elegance , but also a feeling of authority, power and institution.

Because of an huge logistic demand to a smooth production flow, the building is divided into a serving area and a public area. The serving area forms another clear line allocating easy and straight ways for the objects these parallel units work optimaly together, they refer each other and constitute as a whole a matchless auction house in cogels-osylei.

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