Bernard Jerome

Bernard Jerome

LIVING ON THE DOURO’S BANK. ISA Saint-Luc Liège (Belgium)

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The project location is in Porto, the second biggest city of Portugal, along the estuary where the Douro’s river meets the Atlantic Ocean. The site is situated between a 50 meters cliff and the Douro and under the famous ARRABIDA’s Bridge.
The programming of this project is composed of a sport centre, one hundred accommodations and some various attractive public services. The sport centre (made by a colleague) is inserting in a cliff’s hollow and it is the link between the quay’s neighborhood and the cliff’s top neighborhood. The four sets of accommodations are located on the river. This location allows liberating the entire quay to do a public space and also allows offering a 360° view to the inhabitants.
The project has three objectives: keeping the willowy of the quays that enter in the city, creating a strong image in this powerful landscape and developing a new interesting way to live in Porto.
Two positions have been taking: to liberate the quay like a dynamic public space and also to create two static public spaces on the river that make the link between the accommodations’s building, the shops, the cafeterias and the quays. These two places on the water are situated in the continuity of the sport centre and the green sign on the cliff.
The shops, the cafeterias and the accommodations access are suspended under the building structure. A covered gallery is accessible from the dynamic and static public spaces. These volumes are the articulations between the different spaces.
The accommodation’s composition and stacking system allows having one horizontal access every three storey and doing an external patio in relation with every apartment. This patio could become a collective project like a collective garden. Every apartment/duplex communicates with the two sides of the building and the different sizes of them allow a larger diversity of inhabitant.


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