Kris Palmers

Kris Palmers

N.A.I. Maastricht. PHL Diepenbeek (Belgium)

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The Dutch Institute of Architecture accomodates a very large exhibition room where every aspect of architecture can be discovered. The building is located in the central city park, the “Tapijnkazerne”. It is a part of the landscape and appears to rise from its green setting. It is in reflection with the surrounding wall: both are in contact with each other. It is a connection between three major buildings, which are already on the site, and the former “St-Pieterspoort” to the centre of Maastricht. The visitor himself decides whether he walks over the building or through it.With this design I have tried, as a student in architecture, to express my vision on how I see the future of “construction”: a construction that erupts from the surroundings, with these surroundings as the basis, the foundation of the design. No oddity, no harsh break with the landscape but a quest to a certain elegance, which gives added value to this beautiful environment.

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