Daniel Bey

Daniel Bey

Car store right in the city centre.... FH Aachen (Germany)

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Mercedes-Benz Flaghipstore Düsseldorf

The scope of the diploma thesis was the conception of a car store in an inner-city location.
The estate for this purpose is located at a major crosspoint in the heart of Düsseldorf. In the course of this work the opportunities of this particular location are investigated and compared to those of common locations for car stores which are usually situated in suburban areas.

The superordinate keyword in this context is „Branding“, an additional marketing strategy. The design can be interpreted as a three dimensional marketing instrument and is primarily intended to attract attention!
In contrast to ordinary car stores, „Branding Centers“ are mostly designed to positively affect the image of the presented brand, and not to achieve maximum sales on site.

The first design idea was to emphasize the corner situation.
This is achieved by deformation of the existing site lines. The prominence of the „head“ at the corner and the cut at the long side of the building puts increased significance to the corner position and emphasizes the directional effect, which underlines the line of sight of the „head“ as a „stage to the city“. Another cut in the building envelope, the conception of the outer ramp, leads to a sculptural appearance of the building structure. It seems to hover above the basement floor.

At the same time the drivable ramp, which can be interpreted as a „catwalk“ for the cars, is a major element of the conceptual design. The ramp which circles around an extensive atrium presents a smooth transition between the outer and inner space.

In total the building presents itself distinct and self-confident, but at the same time blends well into the existing surrounding buildings. By the means of systematic insights, interesting perspectives and directed views a tension is build in order to arise the visitors interest and to convey and contribute to the image of the brand.

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