Patrick Stienen

Patrick Stienen

Borderlines - Plug & Play. Academie Voor Bouwkunst Maastricht (The Netherlands)

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This project shows one stationlocation from the monorail I designed.
The location is in park Gravenrode. It’s a green area in the Parkstad.
It’s an nice landscape park, consisting of two creekvalleys on the border of the municipalities Landgraaf and Kerkrade.
The theme’s: landscape, infrastructure and recreation form the concept threw the whole project, from urban plan until the architectural design.
In the urban plan the creekvalleys are being connected, the infrastructure is being optimized and the recreational functions are getting a facelift.
You could say that the identities of the separate parts are being improved, so that the identity of the whole park gets stronger and the park gets a “soul”.
The monorail is being used as the “backbone” of the park.
It quickly shows the visitors the unity of the two creekvalleys, it’s an upgrade of the infrastructure and it’s an addition to the excisting recreational functions.
Meanwhile the monorail forms also the new eyecatcher of the park.

The stations connect all the functions in the park, parkingforests and other important locations. The station I designed stands on a location where the three conceptthemes come together perfectly! On the border of the two creekvalleys (landscape), besides the ovatonde of the “buitenring” (infrastructure) and in the neighbourhood of walkways and Gaia zoo (recreation).
The station consists of two volumes:
-A black coal shaft that comes out of the ground at the borderline
-And a steel skeleton that folds around the coal shaft and therefore seemes to float.
Both elements cite to the past of the mines and the heavy industry, but also to the recreational now and future, a kind of leisure-constructivisme.
The detail between old and new is being expressed threw the concrete “visors” that penetrate the shaft; looking into the future!

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