Jakob Janislawski

Jakob Janislawski

Rheinblick - Wohnanlage in Köln-Ensen. FH Aachen (Germany)

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The property is in Cologne - Ensen in a Rhine curve, the raised position in the Rhine embankment allows an excellent Rhine look about the Rhine shore course.
The residential arrangement with staggered and partially projecting elements is strongly developed from the view over the Rhine, which plays a higher role. Formed by four construction bodies which are shifted and partially interfere with each other, it allows and excellent view over the river.
To point out the project intention the ground plan develops from inside out and establishes a strong relationship outwards.
Staggered shear walls and free-standing boxes divide every flat into generous areas, allowing view over the flat and outwards. The single dwelling houses are developed over a band lying in the Northwest. The roof forms a kind of clip, which connects the single construction bodies and the fitness - and pool area in the segment to a harmonious arrangement.
To achieve bong span widths between the walls, the building is conceived in fair faced concrete and partly in prestressed concrete. The shear walls made of fair faced concrete will be left in its raw state, building a contrast to the installations made of wood. The plans of all residential units follow the same principle of free flowing rooms into each other.
Except for the flat-dividing walls no wall hits the outer shell. Rooms were either built with shear walls made of fairfaced concrete or room-high wooden boxes, which are either of oiled oak or have a white-coated surface.
These boxes contain toilets, baths, storerooms or closets.
A great importance is attached to the reduction of colour and material. Only a few materials dominate the interior. The hidden boxes allow a spare furnishing, therefore the effect of the room is influenced by nothing.

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