Vincent Thiry & Arnaud Decolle

Vincent Thiry & Arnaud Decolle


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In the heart of Liege, the Tivoli was, until 1970, an urban islet separating la Place St.Lambert and la Place du marché, two highlighted places of urban life. The demolitions and the big roadworks of the 70’s transformed this area in a vast empty space, a void of 3000 m2 lacking definition.

Since the year 2000, the esplanade of the Tivoli has been invested regularly by temporary constructions like sheltering concerts, big popular happenings, events, exhibitions... The project has therefore founded itself on the idea of a reconstruction that would articulate the scales and identities of those two public spaces very contrasted, and that would offer a noble, meaningful and lasting welcome structure for the most diverse events. This "evenemential space" must therefore to be all at once an innovative urban reference mark, the sign of a vitality recovered, a real tool of programming, a space opened to the large field.

The main idea is that of a large envelope that wraps around evenemential spaces, served by a very generous circulation path starting from an urban agora and developing itself in a spiral pattern, allowing a point of view on the archaeological vestiges of the former cathedral St. Lambert, on the different facets of the context, leading up to a public terrace in roofing. The porosity and attractivity of the program are translated by the research of a strong transparency, staging the internal activities, the crowd's movements. The volumetry reassembles without complaisance the tracings of authorized alignments, and cuts itself merely to qualify the entrances. The use of printed glass curtain-walls creates a rhythmic resonance with the immediate context of the architecture of the old city. 

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