Stefan Becker

Stefan Becker

Form follows … anything - Chaos in architecture. FH Aachen (Germany)

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Any architecture makes a statement to the ratio of chaos and order. Architecture always happens in the area of order, because its lawfulness. Within the spectrum of order, it can reject or accept visible principles of order. We can't speak about 'chaotic architecture', because this would contradict the origin meaning of the word chaos. 'Chaotic order' is not chaos, but it tries to hide its rules. 'Chaotic order' depends on the perception of what it aims.

If architecture will be percept as 'chaotic' depends on the subjective perception of each of us. Chaos can be percept as negative as well as positive, but the negative perception is more common. The assessment of the perception as positive and negative happens on the last subjective perception level and is no inherent quality of chaos.

During the analytic investigation of eight different design ideas, a comparison of the architecture theory with the work of the architecture firms was made. Main focus of the investigation was the discovery of the motives for building chaotic looking architecture and there aims. Therefore were statements of the architects set in relation to their work. As design for this comparison the form of patents was used.

'Chaos' in architecture can be used for two aims. On the one hand 'chaotic order' can be a reassurance in a 'chaotic' percept world. On the other hand it can be used as a critic of classical architectural composition. In both cases the traditional effort for order is broken.

In our today's society, which becomes more and more complex, architecture must react appropriate. 'Chaotic order' can be used for this aim. If 'chaotic order' is not misused for sculptural aims, it can help us to fulfill our expectations for a modern architecture. 

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