Gregor Zienterra

Gregor Zienterra

All-day secondary school Aachen. FH Aachen (Germany)

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According to the international PISA-study, the ranking for Germany regarding school education is average. For the future of our children it is crucial to improve the quality of education and the basic conditions at schools. The new building of a school with whole day care for approximately 540 students as well as the integration of a sports hall at Beverstraße, Aachen reacts to the changed conditions of growing up children.


A cube is changed by subtraction. So the building gets its solitary form. The simple form is placed in a concise and clear way at the estate corner and continues the enlarged construction block. The entrance situation is characterized by a moved back entrance and a place in front.

The sports hall is integrated sunk into the building complex. The central meeting point develops through pulling apart the volume. The great hall is covered by a glass-steel construction. In addition, it is designed as a public forum and used as a place for public events with a pleasant bright atmosphere. Therefore it overcomes the common separation of school and neighborhood.

The self-study-center is located at the first level, adjacent to the reading garden on top of the sports hall. A gap separates the east wing at the corridor area about the complete building height. The glazed gap has an effect of a light shaft, ending as a natural ceiling lighting at the sports level. The inner corridors are diffusely illuminated by daylight.

The south and east façade has a more closed character. Here, the building is divided into a base and a twin-face-façade. Colored, rotating, and sideward moveable protection slats in the twin-face-façade create a constantly varying façade appearance.

The principle of simplicity determines the interior and exterior appearance of the building. 

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