Alexander Kühne

Alexander Kühne

+323 Sender Euregio. RWTH Aachen (Germany)

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The situation

The junction of borders between Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands is not only a point, where three countries have common borders but is also the centre of the EUREGIO and a symbol of the European idea of community: People from all three countries meet each other, and living beside each other becomes living together. A new tower replacing “Tour Baudoin” is supposed to express the spirit of this place and will be visible from all over the region. Together with a panorama platform for visitors a local radio-station will be established in this tower, serving its program in three languages. The result: the basic idea can not only be seen within a wide range but also be heard.

The tower

In its construction as a minimised 3-dimensional truss, the triangles can be seen as symbol of three countries growing and acting together. Depending on the perspective, different impressions can be realised: From one position the tower seems to be straight, from another side it looks like a folded line, one observer might see triangles, an other will see octaeders or rhombus... Although based on a clear construction out of many identical parts you will recognise a very manifold result.

A first glance the capsule containing visitor platforms and radio-station is hanging free inside the tower’s structure, as well as stairs and lift do. They are – at the same time - inside and outside the construction itself and mediate the impression to ignore the border between inside and outside.

The assisting building

The building refers to the environment and combines the horizontal and vertical lines. Being defined by a steel beam grillage, from which glass-facades fall like curtains around the areas for EUREGIO-showroom, souvenirs and restaurant, the assisting building creates a southern ending and completes the ensemble. 

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