Petra Riegler

Petra Riegler

ERST.SPITAL. RWTH Aachen (Germany)

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The task was to design a mobile first-aid-station for earthquake-catastrophes, which is able to be enlarged in 4 stages (48 hours/48 days/48 weeks/48 months) into a hospital lasting up to 20 years.

Currently practiced procedure:

Aid organisations bring tents+goods (such as medicine, water treatment, generators etc.) and give first aid. The required goods are packed as “kits” which contain everything for a certain case/time period/number of people. Later the old hospital is reconstructed/new one is built.

Idea: Not only all the required goods+tools are packed in a kit, but also the essential building fabric, building services and health care provisions. The packaging is used as a part of the construction. The solution is a flexible prefabricated structure in form of a box where roof and floor can be folded out. Building services are incorporated in a cavity in the floor.

In the first 2 stages, the boxes are used as a mode of transport for the required goods. These can then be used directly as a completely furbished “wall” where one can find everything already at its place. Each box is given a double code, which allows allocating its particular location during construction. In stage 3+4, the boxes serve to provide building fabric and services to the casualties. All the necessary services can be found in every room.

Stage 1: 48h: first-aid-station

Stage 2: 48d: Provision of basic care

Stage 3: 48w: expansion into a regular hospital

Stage 4: 48m: general health care provision Stage 1+2 incorporate the importing of high-tech aid from industrial countries and the building should be visible as such. In stage 3+4, the construction is simple to construct and maintain using local materials, thereby maximizing the support of the local economy.

A minimum of 3 boxes (medicine/water/electricity) provide basic care for remote villages (transport by truck/helicopter). 

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