Valérie Lambert & Nicolas Moray

Valérie Lambert & Nicolas Moray

An industrial site and the society… ISA Saint-Luc Liège (Belgium)

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- To qualify the landscape of a territory’s part.

- To present an industrial harbour site to a range of users.

- Development of an architectural plan localized at the north spit of Mosin Island.

The elements localized on the Mosin Island are the result of a spontaneous use of the territory. However the organisation appearing in the form of a visible disorder let us think that the territory’s potential is not exploited in the best way. Our landscape’s step (after analysis) is double. First it is going to let emerge the whole’s idea coming from a common typology. Second it is going to present this wholes to users, putting ahead the disproportion’s scale between the man and the industrial element.

Three perceptions must be considered : the island, the look from the island to the island’s vicinity but the treatment of the island’s face from the outside of the territory too (going from Herve’s country to the motorway Liège-Maastricht). The journey presented to users follows a linear diagram with passage of sequences, with stops on picture (industry, leisure activities centre, shetered sea basins…) with crossing of flows. More’over depending the used locomotion’s means (car, truck, barge, train, bike…) the feelings change. The rapid displacement of a motorist will show a static site but the displacement of a cyclist will induce the participation to the place throughout his relation with the elements.

The intervention must let the priority to the strong elements of the site. It defines the limits and tallies the visual perceptions.

The architectural language we use, is this of the mass production : the elements will structure the space and the landscape.

The coherence of the used means returns to the strong homogeneity of the site. The exception (museum) finds his sense so.

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