Kim Nivelle

Kim Nivelle

KANNE UNVEILED. PHL Diepenbeek (Belgium)

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"Destress ", the current fashion word, is nowadays even hastier. In my project I try to introduce a new way of leisure activities: the attitude-focused relaxation. Bicycle tourism inspired me to draw the attention of the people not only towards their own region, but also over the borders. The Euregion offers several unique locations, unique by landscape, as well as by their culture-historical values. They form junctions of which a network of touristic sites can be created.

Kanne, situated on the three-region point, forms the base of which my urban development concept starts. The "white village" thanks its nickname to the large presence of marl in the subsoil. For many years men have reclaimed the marl, and as a result remarkable underground landscapes were developed. This impact will be given extra attention by the intervention on the mountain slope. The new valley separates the tourists from the local people and creates a rest in the surroundings, where serenity and reflection are in focus. She reveals the site, by confronting with the caves, and opening herself to the fall slate of the Maas.

This concept forms the guide-line for the ‘relaxation-hotel’ and is expressed both mentally and physical, by bringing together museum, health-resort, hotel and restaurant in a measured confrontation with, and in relation to the scenery. Architecturally translated in carefully contemplated ratio between perceptibilities, permeabilities, proportions and materials. These adjust themselves to the activity and create in this way the desired environment and intimacy. This way the environment and the material become tangible for all senses and this into the deepest edges of the design. 

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