Christian Mammel

Christian Mammel

Mobile Archaeological Excavation Satellite. RWTH Aachen (Germany)

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Demanded was the design of a temporary, mobile, archaeological excavation-hall, for the former Roman city Augusta Raurica near Basel. The hall should protect an excavation site from weather for two years. After finishing one excavation, the satellite is dismantled and rebuilt at another place. The plot to be spanned over without pillars measures 30 by 48 metres.

The design consists of a modular and rigid foot structure on which a collapsible roof contruction is placed. It is covered by a membran. The satellite is supposed to place itself on the excavation site as a foreign-body in order to draw a clear dividing-line between itself and its surroundings.

The excavation hall’s construction consists of several steps. First of all rigid modular elements on height-adjustable skids are placed at the edge of one site and connected with each other. Four folded roof packages and a crane are set upon this structure. After the unfolding of the roof the construction is complete.

The development of the roof structure was the main aspect of the diploma. It consists of a coaxial collapsible scissor-construction. Because of the interactive connection between the single rods all elements move simultaniously. A membran, that is stretched during the unfolding process is fixed on the connecting points.

Watertanks are situated in the foot structure, that create a counterweight during the unfolding process. While the construction is closed, they redirect the horicontal forces by forming an additional vertical weight.

The design focuses on several spatial aspects. The great center hall is used for the excavation work and its presentation. The internal uses, like bureau etc. are located on one side of the foot structure. The other side is designed for the public. archaeological objects are presented here and the visitor is able to watch the excavation directly from balconies. 

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