Danuta Kurz

Danuta Kurz

Urban concepts for the living of elderly and needy people. FH Aachen (Germany)

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living becomes an ordinary experience for elderly people.

The type of building, the infrastructure, the connection to nature and the social structure have to create
an atmosphere which is functional, safe and cosy, so that communication and self-determination can be
Ageing means a greater risk of developing dementia. Dementia affects the brain structure, leads to
complete loss of social abilities up to autism and ends in death.
Some theories divide dementia into three steps/worlds:
first world: patients have no feeling of achievement - confusion and fear
second world: aimlessness - tried to solve by aggression and agitation
third world: autism - retreat into inner world


to accept the different worlds, to create spaces and structures, which are open and adaptable to research
and ideas. Providing and promoting quality of life and feelings of achievement.


To develop independence and identity; a connection between the people inside and outside the


The chosen piece of land is near a park in the East of Aachen. The sanatorium takes up the space of a
former industrial building inside a block.

The living yard is the centre of the sanatorium. It is the main individual living area and therefore the
primary cell. Openness and visibility create a connection between the inner and the outer world.
It offers both worlds (restaurant, civic hall) and creates a microcosm, which is the meeting point. It is
supposed to make people break tabboos and lead to normality in behaviour towards each other.
Everything in the inner world is open to the district (mesocosm), to Aachen itself and its environment
(macrocosm). These worlds are unreservedly connected to each other.

The creation of paths describes another way of connecting worlds.
Different materials and different spaces produce a structure, which is stimulating and diversified (eg.
colour conception support orientation and guidance).

The aim is "to face weakness with humanity instead of defence, denial, abandonment leaving the
responsibility in institutional hands as long as possible"(from "tabou" by christa wolf).

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